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Emma Roberts is Maggie;
Sarah Paulson is Bette and Dot Tattler;
Kathy Bates is Effil Darling; 
Michael Chiklis is Wendell Del Toredo;
Angela Bassett is Desiere Duprée;
Evan Peters is Jimmy Darling;
Jessica Lange is Elsa Mars

Actually really upset that they have Emma Roberts in this one as well.
Poor actress. Annoying. Not worth the screen time they’re going to give her.

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if youre a mosquito unfollow me right now

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  • me on facebook: i can't swear, i'm friends with too many family members on here
  • me on twitter: probably shouldn't swear that much on here either
  • me on tumblr: this motherfucking grilled cheese is the best fucking grilled cheese i've ever had in my whole fucking goddamn life
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my interests range from cute puppy’s to hard core sex

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omg what if Bette and Dot have a make-out scene? 


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